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Organizations spend huge sums to hire consultant to develop goals and visions. We don’t think it’s that hard. We ask ourselves everyday, “How can I make my client successful?” We measure our success by your success.

Bay Colony Group, Inc. has provided quality land surveying, civil engineering planning, consulting and construction services since 1962. Since our start as a land surveying firm operation out of the home of our founder, we have been dedicated to one mission – making our clients successful.

We are located in our state of the art facility on the Foxborough MA Common we haven’t changed our focus. We are constantly on the edge of technology and processes that allow us to strengthen our performance as a multi-disciplinary consulting firm. We transition seamlessly from the largest public projects to a project as simple as marking a homeowner's property line. Our staff has experience in a wide range of projects in 7 states and 5 foreign countries, in peacetime and war.

Professional development is at the core of our competence and we push employees to devote time to their growth as professionals. To this end we sponsor participation for our employees in seminars, retreats and academic programs.

We are active in professional societies across the spectrum of our multi-disciplinary firm. These organizations include: Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers (MALSCE), Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES), Society of Professional Surveyors (NSPS), US Green Building Council (USGBC) and National Groundwater Association (NGWA).



Professional Civil Engineers & Land Surveyors

Meet our Team... they are always up to something good!

William R. Buckley, Jr.,
P.E., President

Bill is the President of Bay Colony Group, Inc. He has over 30 years' experience as a civil engineer working on major planning and infrastructure projects in the United States and overseas. He is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point and is licensed as a professional Engineer in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Bill’s specialty is shepherding large land development projects from the conceptual phase through design, governmental approval, construction and hand-off to the clients. He has extensive experience that includes $100 million construction projects on multi-use sites with multiple owners. Solid planning and a clear understanding of the owner’s vision are his strengths.

Bill’s international experience includes work with, among others, the World Bank, USAID, UN and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. As the Transportation Team Leader in the NATO Headquarters in Bosnia-Herzegovina he was responsible for coordination civil-military projects that involved roadways, bridges, and railroads. He worked directly for Special Representative of the President, Claude Ganz, to develop and implement a program to return displaced persons to the disputed Brcko area.

Bill is the recipient of numerous military awards and decorations and is also a member of American Society of Civil Engineers, Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section, Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers, National Ground Water Association, United States Green Building Council, and the Society of American Military Engineers where he was the Past President of the West Point Student Chapter.

Bill is active in his community as a member of the Board of Trustees Foxborough Regional Charter School and the Hockomock YMCA Board of Incorporators. He has served of the Town of Foxborough Advisory Committee, Town of Foxborough Landfill Repermitting Committee and Sturdy Memorial Hospital Board of Directors.


  • Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers
  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Society of American Military Engineers


"Engineer/Civil Affairs Teams Enhance Peace Support Operations", by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher J. Toomey and Major William R. Buckley, Jr., Engineer - The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers, March 1999.


Richard J. Leslie
PLS, Vice President

QUALIFICATIONS: A proven leader with experience planning and executing complex, multi-disciplinary projects from conception through turnover to owner. A team builder with the ability to coordinate all members of the project team to bring a project to completion within timeline and budget. A project manager with over 30 years of experience in dealing with governmental agencies from the local to federal level and ensuring that the myriad review process is fully coordinated in a manner that minimizes the risk to the client.


  • BS, Norwich University, 1984
  • Professional Land Surveyor: State of Maine, Commonwealth of Massachusetts, State of Rhode Island
  • Massachusetts DEP Certified Soil Evaluator

LEADERSHIP: Vice President of Bay Colony Group, Inc. (BCG), a 50 plus year old multi-disciplinary civil engineering firm that specializes in infrastructure, commercial and residential development site design. Average annual cost of construction under design is $15 million. Responsible for approximately 12 office and field personnel that operate in the northeast United States. Is recognized as a leader within the surveying community in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts through service on numerous state-level organizations. Formerly a member of The Engineering Center Board of Directors and the Board of Trustees for The Engineering Center Education Trust. Currently a member of The Massachusetts Association of Land Surveyors and Civil Engineers Eastern Chapter Board of Directors. He maintains involvement in the legislative initiatives that are relevant to the Land Surveying professional and is sought out by legislators for his insights into the development of standards for the profession.

PROGRAM MANAGEMENT: As Vice President of Bay Colony Group responsible for the planning, design and execution of projects that involve the practice of land surveying. The firm specializes in large land development projects that must be brought from the conceptual phase through design, governmental approval, construction and hand-off to the client. Project construction budgets up to $100 million on multi-use sites with multiple owners have been successfully executed through the use of solid planning and controls to ensure that the owners’ vision is executed. The land surveying division provides the base mapping, construction layout and construction verification phases of these projects. The field work and work product of the surveying division must be closely coordinated so that it meets the needs of the engineering, architectural, and construction team members as well as the specialized needs of the clients’ attorneys.

Currently Asst. Project Manager for Land Surveying and Construction Surveying for the redevelopment of the Foxborough State Hospital, which includes the renovation of about 300,000 gsf of existing buildings into offices, condominiums and apartments. The construction includes, 100,000 sf of office, 55,000 sf of retail, 5,000 lf of new roadway, and 203 single and multi-family residences. Also included is the construction of a new recreation complex that will contain football, soccer, baseball and softball fields as well as a 45,000 gpd wastewater treatment facility. Estimated project cost is $100 million. The project involved the surveying of a 150 year old former state hospital located on multiple tracts of land comprising over 150 acres. The initial work included a property line survey and the preparation of a base map for the facility that included the location of underground utilities constructed over the life of the facility. The State and local archives were researched to find the construction drawings for the site. Close coordination with attorneys representing the proponent and the Commonwealth was necessary to meet the differing requirements of the legislation transferring the facility as well the needs of the lender. Construction layout for multiple contractors is underway and construction is projected to be completed in 2015.

Project manager for BCG’s portion of the ASEC Corp./Bay Colony Group, Inc. JV that was awarded Central Artery/Tunnel Contract MO26M, a 3 year, $5 million joint venture project with ASEC Corporation. The contract involved the work of coordinating, scheduling and supervising up to 10 surveying crews at one time as well as the office staff to coordinate the work and to process the data into plans and reports furnished to the CA/T team. The services provided included: horizontal and vertical control surveys; bridge, highway and tunnel construction verification surveys; pre-construction monitoring surveys; deformation and structure movement monitoring surveys, and utilities location surveys. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the area of the survey, entry permits had to be obtained prior to our field work. Permits were required from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, AMTRAK, the Consolidated Rail Corporation (now CSX), U.S. Federal Reserve, and the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority.

Project manager for MHD field survey and total station contracts. Bay Colony Group, Inc. has been a land surveying consultant to MHD District 5 on multiple contracts since 1995 for total contract value of about $5 million. BCG provides total station survey services to locate critical horizontal and vertical data for the design phase of the project and prepares and/or updates mapping on projects within the districts. Base mapping is then prepared and furnished to the design consultant. Mapping has been done using the English and Metric system, depending on when the work was authorized. During the construction phase, BCG provides to MHD surveying crews to perform construction layout services and to verify the construction work done by the contractor. This construction layout work is also done in either English or Metric systems, depending on the plans supplied. The field survey crew portion of the contract is ongoing and this particular contract will end in 2012.

Specialized work done by Mr. Leslie includes work on waterfront parcels that require an in-depth understanding of property law as well as skill as a researcher as land bordering bodies of water is constantly changing. An example of this type of work is the Greenwich Bay Marina, which is located in the City of Warwick, RI, is comprised of two parcels of land which are bisected by Warwick Cove. Parcel 1 which consisted of nineteen individual lots comprising 6.39 acres is located on Wharf Road and is where all marina operations take place. Parcel 2 which consisted of three individual lots comprising 2.88 acres is located on Second Point Road and is an undeveloped parcel of land. As part of a project team, which was coordinating the simultaneous purchase of three separate Marinas within the State of Rhode Island, Mr. Leslie was responsible for preparing an ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey for this marina. The survey consisted of in depth research and review of recorded locus and abutting deeds and plans, as far back as 1774, in order to reproduce property lines, rights of way (constructed and not constructed) and easement lines. The survey also consisted of the locating and plotting of the marine perimeter line which defined the limits of federal, state and private ownership rights in that portion of Warwick Cove abutting the locus parcel. WORK HISTORY: 1996-Current Vice President, Bay Colony Group, Inc. Foxborough, MA 1987-1996 Project Manager, Bay Colony Surveying, Inc., Foxborough, MA 1984-1987 Active Duty as U.S. Army officer; Ft.Knox, KY PUBLICATIONS: “Surveying a Town’s Boundary” by Richard J. Leslie, PLS, The MALSCE Surveyor, Fall, 2008. "Straitsmouth Island Lighthouse, A Boundary Replacement Survey" by Richard J. Leslie, PLS, The Surveyor, Summer, 2010.

Community Services

Though our mantra is “Make our clients successful” it isn’t all about dollars and cents. We recognize that we are members of our community. Bay Colony Group’s corporate fingerprints are all over community projects here in our hometown of Foxborough, MA. Whether it is the construction of new recreation fields for local athletes, marking out the stalls for the local Founder’s Day celebration, or laying out the playing fields for the Memorial Day Cup soccer tournament.

When the Town of Foxborough needed a Town Boundary Survey for its annual perambulation, Bay Colony Group got the call. Using our intimate knowledge of the area and our state of the art Global Positioning System equipment we produced a plan that showed the recovered Town boundary monuments at all the Town corners. Total value - $10,000, Cost to Town - $0, Value to the Community – Priceless. When the Town of Mansfield Conservation Commission was offered excess land by the Commonwealth of Mass in the Great Woods Swamp they had a problem. The land was free, but the Town had to produce a property line survey locating the land and they had no money for the project. BCG took on the challenge and produced a drawing in time for the Town to take advantage of the gift.

We also provide financial support to community organizations and activities. BCG was one of the first large donors and pledged $25,000 to the Hockomock YMCA expansion and we regularly donate to the YMCA’s Reach Out for Youth program that provides tuition assistance to families. Our Rodman Ride for Kids teams might not finish anywhere near the front of the pack, but no team enjoys the day more. We support a team in the annual Reach the Beach Relay Race that goes 200 miles in 24 hours from Franconia Notch to Hampton Beach, NH. It benefits, among others, Rotary Club and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Our staff also lends its support to a myriad of organizations, to include:

  • Rotary International
  • Lions International
  • YMCA
  • Long Strides for Louis (Autism Research)
  • Bailey's Team for Autism (Autism Foundation)
  • Doolittle Home Life Care Facility
  • Foxborough Youth Programs
  • Norwood Youth Programs
  • North Attleboro Youth Programs
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Foxborough Discretionary Fund
  • Relay for Life - Foxborough