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Land Surveying Services

Bay Colony Group’s roots are in land surveying. We started as a sole proprietor firm in 1962 in William Buckley, Sr.’s basement and 51 years later we offer a full range of land surveying services to our clients. Our decades of experience and the fact that we are multi-disciplinary enable our surveyors to evaluate the client’s needs in order to determine the necessary scope of work to accomplish his goals. We pride ourself in tailoring each job so that the client is only paying for the level of effort necessary to accomplish the task. We always ask “Why?” and want to understand the end state so that we can make our clients successful.

Our range of skills is complemented by our state of the art equipment. We use standard and reflectorless total stations, high precision theodolites, Global Positioning System equipment, and laser scanning instruments that integrate seamlessly into our data collectors and processing software to produce documents that are right the first time.

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Property Line Surveys

Do you need a 300 acre property line survey? How about a survey and plan of an island off the cost of Rockport? Or maybe you just need a plan that shows your new pool? Bay Colony Group’s surveyors can handle any of those surveys. In conjunction with our first class researchers we dig deep, sometimes literally, to uncover the evidence and we back-up our work with expert testimony if necessary.

Existing Conditions Surveys

There isn’t a project out there that doesn’t rely on an existing conditions survey as the base for the design. Think of it as the foundation for the whole project. It doesn’t do any good if the foundation is poorly laid or cracks halfway through construction. Our existing conditions surveys are done to the exacting standards demanded of our clients and we work hard to get them the right information, which is sometimes difficult in this post 9-11 world where utilites and governments are much more careful with their data.

ALTA/ACSM Land Title Insurance Surveys

These projects are among our specialties. We work hand in hand with the conveyancing attorneys and the banks to provide the plan necessary to close the loan. These type of projects always seem to be needed yesterday and we have the capacity and experience to meet these tight timelines.

Construction Surveys

Once the plans are done and the construction is started the placement of control throughout the site is key to getting off on the right foot. We work closely with the contractors to determine what they need, when they need it, and how we will get it to them. We don’t leave it to chance and so require our project managers to maintain intimate coordination with the contractor – because we are all working for the same guy and have the same goal – success for the client.

Deformation, Bridge and Tunnel Surveys

These specialized surveys require a team that is detail oriented, has the latest equipment, and can work in the most exacting conditions. We have done numerous surveys for the Massachusetts Highway Department, MBTA, and private engineers and developers. Our skill with laser scanning is particularly useful in situations where access to the structure is impossible or impractical.

Condominium and Building Interior Surveys

These surveys are key for architects working in buildings where the construction plans are either incomplete or totally missing. We will go in with our laser scanners and provide the architect plans of walls, windows, doors, beams, and joists to millimeter accuracy. Condominium conversions are also our specialty and we will prepare the unit plans and project site plans to the standard required in that state.

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